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Personal Bio
My passion for photography began 40 years ago when my father presented me with a Canon camera, a used 50mm lens, and a book on photography. They were the best gifts I ever received and I have been perfecting my skills ever since. Photography changed the way I viewed the world around me - a simple shadow or reflection became an opportunity to capture light from a different perspective and colors and textures became tools to create moods or suggest emotions. Viewing life through the lens of a camera allowed me to slow down the world a little bit and become part of it. Every scene became a potential image to capture. Photography became a wonderful addiction. I feel at peace each time I venture out to capture an image. I have attended photography seminars and workshops to learn the basics of the craft, and constructed B&W darkrooms in our homes, where I spent countless hours learning the secrets of light. Now my darkroom is digital and I use state of the art software to process images in a timely and professional manner. Even with all of the advances in color photography, the timeliness of black and white imagery remains as a personal favorite of mine. Taking a person’s photograph is very personal to me. I strive to make every customer feel comfortable and work with them to achieve their ideal image - images that tell the story of their life, their day, or just a split second in time. I never tire of reviewing images after a session and seeing how my concepts and ideas materialized into inspirational images. Seeing the expression on a client’s face when they view their images for the first time is what makes photography a passion, not a job.

I am committed to working with you to provide professional personal and business  images that will exceed your expectations. My goal is to provide you with images that capture your thoughts, passions, emotions, life-style, and your special life and business events.  

Weddings – call for quote
Engagement Portraits – starting at $175, depending on number of locations
Senior Portraits – GOLD $475 / SILVER $375
Family Portraits – starting at $175, depending on group size
Commercial and Residential Construction - $75/hr
Product Photography - $75/hr
Special Events - $75/hr
Travel Charges - No charge for projects within 30 mile radius of Madison.  Standard IRS mileage charge for projects outside of 30 mile radius.
Aerial Photography - follow link below

Aerial Photography

Photography is a finely tuned relationship between the photographer, the camera, and most importantly, the customer. I am committed to making your session an enjoyable day and creating images that capture the true you. My goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your choice of photographer. For a detailed description of my services and rates, please email or call me. I will work with you to offer the services that will best fit your needs. I am based in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin and available for travel.

Call me anytime

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